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WHEN DID THIS MINISTRY BEGIN?: The church voted to begin this Bible Ministry in March, 1998. The first Bibles were shipped in May, 1998. This Ministry was begun due to a need for Bibles, for various uses, in the Lord's Churches and Missions. This is a church-sponsored Ministry.

TO WHOM ARE THESE BIBLES SENT?: Only Churches and Missions fellowshipping with the Churches of the American Baptist Association that send a letter of Request to us. If we are unfamiliar with someone that requests Bibles we contact them or someone we know that also knows them to get a recommendation for them. For example, if we get a request from a Missionary in the Philippines that we do not know, or whose name is not in the A.B.A. Directory, we will contact either the Missionary personally or contact someone in the Philippines that we do know to verify that they are in fellowship with the A.B.A.

WHAT KIND OF BIBLES ARE SENT?: In the English Language, only the K.J.V. Bibles are sent. For versions in other languages, this would be researched to the best of our ability to see which is the closest to the K.J.V. In Spanish we use only the Reina Valera 1960 Version. Mainly we have sent Gift & Award Bibles, but several other types of binding have been sent as requested. We sometimes get requests for study Bibles, large print Bibles,Thompson Chain Reference Bibles and KJV Study Bibles. We try to meet the requests as much as possible. Normally we send Bibles containing both Old and New Testaments, but we have sent just New Testaments when that is what is requested.

WHAT QUANTITY OF BIBLES ARE SENT?: As many Bibles as the Funds in the Bible Ministry will purchase and ship, unless the quantity requested is less than this quantity. We try to meet what the Pastor or Missionary has requested. This is not always possible, and sometimes it might take some time before Bibles are sent. Since this Ministry has begun the Lord has enabled this church to send 20,353 Bibles to A.B.A. Pastors and Missionaries [this was through August, 2016]. We thank the Lord for His great blessings!

HOW OFTEN ARE BIBLES SHIPPED?: Currently, Bibles are shipped each month as we have funds available.

HOW ARE FUNDS USED? All funds designated to the Bible Ministry are used only to purchase Bibles and to ship Bibles to those Churches and Missions that have been approved by vote of Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church. Any other associated expenses for the operation of the Bible Ministry (boxing tape, envelopes, stamps, copies, etc.) do NOT come out of the Bible Ministry Fund. We want those that give to this Ministry to know and be assured that all Funds given will be used ONLY for purchasing and shipping Bibles to those that have requested them. This Fund is NOT used to buy Bibles for Rose Lawn's use.

HOW ARE BIBLES SHIPPED?: This depends on where the Bibles are to be sent. In the U.S. we might send them U.P.S. or through the U.S. Postal Service. To those in other countries across the seas we would probably send by ISAL M-Bag. This is the least expensive way to ship them. It does take longer, but with the money we save we are able to buy and ship more Bibles.

Yes. Recognition Labels are placed in Bibles that will mention the name of the person you would like to give in honor of, or in memory of. For each eight dollar ($8) offering one Gift & Award Bible can be purchased and shipped [Bible shipped via M-Bag]. One Recognition Label will be placed in each Bible that the offering will provide.The giver may request a Recognition Label be in honor of a person, in memory of a person or a Label that shows the giver's name, whether an individual or a church. (See our Web Page for an offering form).

HOW CAN A REQUEST BE MADE FOR BIBLES?: Request for Bibles can be made by mail or e-mail. The address is: Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church 6610 East Latimer Place Tulsa, OK 74115. The e-mail address is to our Pastor Rick McVeigh: . Please include personal information (name, shipping address, sponsoring church if a mission), quantity of Bibles requested, how the Bibles will be used, and a statement letting us know if the requesting Mission or Church is in the American Baptist Association (A.B.A.) fellowship of Churches and in agreement with the Doctrinal Statement as in the most recent A.B.A. Yearbook . If a Bible other than a Gift & Award Bible is needed, please state what kind of binding is needed. If this Mission or Church is not listed in the 2015 A.B.A. Yearbook, it would save time to send us a name of a Pastor or Church that is listed in the Yearbook for us to contact. (Not all A.B.A. churches or missons are listed in the Yearbook.)

HOW YOU CAN HELP.: (1) Pray for the Lord's continued blessing upon this Ministry. (2) Let other's know about this Ministry in case they know of a need for Bibles. (3) Help financially, if the Lord directs you to do so. The Lord has greatly blessed this Ministry since it began. Our financial support from outside Rose Lawn M.B.C. has increased for which we are very thankful. We are thankful for all the prayers for this Ministry.


Helping the Lord's Churches & Missions With Their Need For Bibles

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