[As of June, 2019 we no longer are recording the A.B.A. Adult Sunday School Lessons due to the illness of the reader. Previous Quarters are still available.]

We have available the American Baptist Association (A.B.A.) Adult Sunday School Lessons on CD's, beginning with the September, 2016 quarter through May, 2019. Prior to September, 2016 we have the Lessons on audio Cassette Tapes. [Note: The CD's are in mp3 format, so the CD player must be capable of playing mp3 disks. Also, some DVD players may be used.]

We also have the reading of the Doctrinal Statements of the A.B.A. on a CD.

Available also is a Cassette Tape with the messages "God's Way of Salvation" and "I'm Saved -- Now What?" recorded on it.

These are all available at no charge to anyone. They are provided as a Ministry of Rose Lawn Missionary Baptist Church.

Please contact us if you, or someone you know, could benefit from these CD's or Tapes.

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